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Sacrarium Maestorum - Sorrow Black Metal


May, 24 - Sacrarium Maestorum live at "Barhat" club


Gloom, hatred and new program awaits!

VK meeting

Nightmare at the coast of the Black River


Black River - a song that began the history of Sacrarium Maestorum project.

The basic idea was formed in 2002, and the first public performance took place in 2003 at a concert of the Chelyabinsk State University Biology Department. The text begins with the mutilated passage from a poem by lord Byron "Twilight". But unlike Byron admires surrounding nature, our lyrical surround a nightmarish apocalyptic visions, and he called demons of Dream and Horror for only they can return him from the shores of the Black River.

Black River at MUSIC page

Аpril, 5 - Sacrarium Maestorum live at "Barhat" club


VK meeting

Sacrarium Maestorum

My Own Autumn videoclip ready!


Finally the videoclip for the song «My Own Autumn» is completed! This clip includes some footage sent by our fans, video they took at live performances at rock clubs "Banzai" and "Barhat" in autumn 2012.

My Own Autumn videoclip at VIDEO page

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